In America

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We are on a roadtrip for 3 months in the USA, and people here have been so nice! So I have made a list of all the things people have given us. Thank u all so much! The list only shows practical things of course, I couldnt draw kindness and friendship (how very cheesy!).


Postcard nr. 2 – Gent Kleurt Oranje

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I made a promofilm for the campaign ‘Gent Kleurt Oranje’. But there are also some really sweet postcards that the city of Ghent made with the illustration, with the message “Groetjes uit Gent” (which means “Greetings from Ghent”)! You can find them at different city departments and pick them up for free.


Postcard nr. 1 – cultural department of Ghent

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The final design of the illustration I made for the cultural departement of Ghent. They made postcards of it, you can find them at the tourist office and city musea and other places.


Catpeople and Dogpeople

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catdogfriend_v002“I’m not sure if we can be friends…”

oh of course we can! I love you all, dog people, and cat people, and animal lovers, and animal non-lovers!

Fashion statement

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