more pets please!

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Britt just loves drawing animals with their tiny human pets. And there is good news! You can buy her illustrations on t shirts, tote bags and even on mugs! Go and take a look at her society6 shop to see what she has in store for you.

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shortfilm Catherine trailer

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The last months (years even) Britt has been working really hard on her short film project Catherine! And it is finally time to share the trailer to the world!

If you would like to read more about the short film, take a look at the Catherine tumblr. It has artwork and animation tests and lots more on it!


Birth Card

Baby boy Mats is born, so we designed this birth card showing a cute happy family. Welcome to the world Mats!

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american road trip – comic

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An (incomplete) summary of our american road trip!

americanroadtrip_bert&britt_page1 americanroadtrip_bert&britt_page2 americanroadtrip_bert&britt_page3 americanroadtrip_bert&britt_page4 americanroadtrip_bert&britt_page5





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We are in full production for the short “Catherine”! “Catherine” is an 11 minute animated short that tells the story of how a young girl grows up to be a crazy old cat lady.

It will be finished in the beginning of 2016, very exciting!

With an amazing team of animators, the film is coming to life! The (english) voices have been recorded and soon the music will be made! The short has the support of the VAF and is being made in the studios of Creative Conspiracy (beste producer ever :) ).

If you want to follow some more making of, you can find it on the Catherine tumblr.