Birth Card

Baby boy Mats is born, so we designed this birth card showing a cute happy family. Welcome to the world Mats!

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american road trip – comic

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An (incomplete) summary of our american road trip!

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More screenings for Child’s Play

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Donderdag 4 september is de kortfilm te zien in Zwitserland – Fantoche festival (en Britt loopt daar dan ergens rond). Van 10 tot 17 september speelt die in het reclameblok voor enkele langsspeelfilms in Kinepolis. Begin oktober speelt de film in het International Panorama op Animasyros – Griekenland en in de internationale competitie ‘jeune public’ op Animatou – Zwitserland // Thursday 4th September u can see the short in Switzerland at the Fantoche festival (Britt will be hanging out there!). From September 10-17 you can go to the Kinepolis cinema’s in Belgium and see the short screened before a selection of feature films, and from 2-5 October the short is part of the International Panorama at Animasyros in Greece. And it’s also part of the international competition ‘jeune public’ at Animatou – Switzerland.

Cinema time!

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Deze week staat er een bezoekje aan de Kinepolis cinema op jouw planning. Tenminste, als je ‘Kinderspel’ op het grote scherm wil zien! Van 18 tot en met 24 juni draait onze kortfilm in het voorprogramma van enkele langspelers. Als je het mist, zal je moeten wachten tot september, dan draait de film nog eens van 10 tot en met 16 september. // Get ready to visit a Kinepolis cinema near u! Because from June 18 until June 24 our short ‘Child’s Play’ will be playing on the big screen before several feature films. So start planning a movie night! If you miss it next week, you’ll have to wait until September. You get another chance to view it in the cinema from September 10 until September 16.


12 Minutes About Peace

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Tada, the trailer for “12 Minutes About Peace”, the project for which we made the short “Child’s Play“. You can have a little sneak peak at our film and the 11 other amazing one-minute shorts! The shorts are being shown at Kinepolis the next months before selected films (pssst, ours is shown the week of June 18 and September 10), and in autumn they will also appear on Canvas!

There was also a competition to write poems inspired by the 12 shorts, the results aren’t known yet but we are very curious to read the poem that has been selected for our short! We will update you when we find out more.