Cinema time!

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Deze week staat er een bezoekje aan de Kinepolis cinema op jouw planning. Tenminste, als je ‘Kinderspel’ op het grote scherm wil zien! Van 18 tot en met 24 juni draait onze kortfilm in het voorprogramma van enkele langspelers. Als je het mist, zal je moeten wachten tot september, dan draait de film nog eens van 10 tot en met 16 september. // Get ready to visit a Kinepolis cinema near u! Because from June 18 until June 24 our short ‘Child’s Play’ will be playing on the big screen before several feature films. So start planning a movie night! If you miss it next week, you’ll have to wait until September. You get another chance to view it in the cinema from September 10 until September 16.



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Praten met mensen over hun huisdier inspireerde me om deze strip te maken. Eigenlijk wil ik hier een kortfilm over maken, ooit in de toekomst. Dit weekend kan je de strip ook bekijken op een expo in Galerie 37PK tijdens de stripdagen in Haarlem. Daar zie je natuurlijk slechts een print, hier in al z’n glorie met de animaties erbij! // Talking to people about their pets inspired me to make this comic. I actually want to make a short film with this idea, one day in the future. This weekend the comic is part of an expo during the Comic Days in Haarlem, but it’s only a print so here you can see the animated version, much better! Since the comic is in Dutch, here the translation in english: pet – britt raes – my name is Mathilde – and this is Basile – the first time he saw me he was hiding under the cupboard – hello little guy – and stared at me with his big eyes – we’ve been living together for 4 years now – I’m always worried – it’s too dangerous for you outside – and his hygiene is very important to me – when I get home from work, he’s always waiting for me – such pretty hairs – oh those clothiers – how cute – my friends love him – he is the perfect pet

Funding party!

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Yes it’s party time! Because we got some good news! We’re getting some more funding for the short “Catherine”. So we can spend time to make the animatic! // Hoera feest! Goed nieuws, want we hebben nog ontwikkelingssteun voor de kortfilm “Catherine”. Hiermee kunnen we een animatic maken.


Window drawing!

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Last week me, Valentine, Mathilde and Jana were invited to draw on some windows during a street party! Would you like to make your neighbourhood prettier? I’d love to come to your place! // Vorige week waren Valentine, Mathilde, Jana en ik uitgenodigd om raamtekeningen te maken tijdens een buurtfeest. Dit in kader van het initiatief Artiest zoekt Feestneus. Met plezier fleuren we jouw raam ook op!


12 Minutes About Peace

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Tada, the trailer for “12 Minutes About Peace”, the project for which we made the short “Child’s Play“. You can have a little sneak peak at our film and the 11 other amazing one-minute shorts! The shorts are being shown at Kinepolis the next months before selected films (pssst, ours is shown the week of June 18 and September 10), and in autumn they will also appear on Canvas!

There was also a competition to write poems inspired by the 12 shorts, the results aren’t known yet but we are very curious to read the poem that has been selected for our short! We will update you when we find out more.