Happy holidays!

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Happy holidays everyone! 2013 was a great year, we made a shortfilm (Child’s Play!), Britt had lots of fun with The Big Window Walk, she also helped her sister with a book and behind the scenes we are also working very very hard on a new shortfilm (yes, it has something to do with cats). You’ll read all about it here in 2014!CatWithHouse

Blue Cat

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What is the blue cat looking for? Is it a bird, is it a plane? You’ll find out in 2014! // Waar is de blauwe kat naar op zoek? Een vogel, of een vliegtuig? Dat ontdek je in 2014!


Child’s Play

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It has been very very quiet here on our blog, but we have a good reason for that. We have been working hard on the finishing touches of our film Child’s Play. It’s a 1-minute short (wel, 1min10sec to be exact) that is part of a bigger project. In 2012 the VAF (The Flemish Audiovisual Funding) announced an open call, they were looking for 12 shortfilms. All films had to revolve around the theme PEACE, because in 2014 we’ll remember WO1. Our proposal was one of the 12 chosen ideas and we used 2013 to create this little short which we finished this month! We’re not really sure when and where you’ll be able to see it, but when we do you’ll read it here!